Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Run Away Because You Showed Me How......................

Latter rains perfume
Sprinkled upon her doubt
Folded up in a suitcase
Of a life she can't get out

The crucifix upon her wrist
Her persecuted bones
Flesh hanging off her frame
A life without a home

Pinning her life upon a cross
She sat within the ground
Conjuring up a hell
From which she cant get down

Leaking sadistically
From the Ora of her frame
Hanging on in her bones
In alcoholics tame

Gypsy satires
Link her hurried bones
Moving her precisely
A thousand miles from home

Killing herself slowly
From herself she tends to run
But no one can blame her
fate showed her how its done

Star-Lights in her eyes
Of dreams yet not fulfilled
Hopes and inspirations
Her fate helped her kill

Inhaling liquid flame
Abandonment ablaze
Haunted by the demon
Of a fate that never stayed

Dedicated To The Fate I never knew:
*I Run Away Because You Showed Me How*