Sunday, April 17, 2011


HI friends,
Today i have encountered certain things which led me to think all these.Thought to share with you all.May be at some point of time these will help you to keep a strong bond with your loved ones.

Today, my 15-year old sister asked me a question that surprised me. I was not expecting that she would ask me this question, “Does our father love us?” I did not see any valid reason for her to ask me this. Without second thoughts, I answered “Yes, of course, he loves us so much.” Then, I began rationalizing for answers and providing explanations to convince her that our father loves us very much. I told her that our father has been working hard just to provide for our needs. During birthdays, holidays and special occasions our father would never forget to give us gifts. Our father sends her to a prestigious school for to have a good education and bright future. Our father would buy us expensive branded clothes. I even told my sis that we are luckier than other kids because we have a dad who is a responsible person and good provider. After hours of debate and persuasion that seemed would not end, she did not change her conviction as if she did not hear anything from me. She still doubted her father’s love for us. Why?
Since I was not able to convince her after all the efforts of I did, I asked her the reason for asking the question. She gave me a simple answer that made me rethink, “we have all the things that we need, but our father is not always there for us.” This shocked me. I realized that my sis has a point. What would she do with all the expensive stuff she has if she seldom sees her father. Even though he is so sincere in expressing his love to us through gifts, this love will not be appreciated and recognized. For a long time the father has not loving his child in the way the child wants to be loved. And so, the child does not feel his love.
Quality time is love language of the child/adult.

Quality time is spending time with each other with undivided attention. Whether it is father/mother daughter/son,or husband wife or loved ones or with friends. It’s the quality of time we spend together matters a lot.

When we spend quality time with our loved ones, we enter into another world where there are no paper works, deadlines, meetings, work stress, business pressure, memos, etc. It’s a place where only me and my loved ones exist. We share our stories, joys, griefs, sorrows, dreams, triumphs, secrets, and our very own selves with each other. No phone calls, worries, fears, customers, bosses, etc. can disturb us. It’s a special world where love, joy, peace and intimacy overflow. A minute of "Quality Time" cannot be compared with a thousand days of time spent with divided attention and disruptions!
How much QUALITY TIME have you spent with your loved ones? It’s time to invest you time in your relationships!
Friends, I want you all to read this in helping and deepen your relationship with your loved ones.

There are problems in a relationship because there are some words that should not be said, or uttered, and things that need to be said which are left unsaid due to complacency and fear of rejection.
The first love language is Words of Affirmation. There are people who are hungry and thirsty to hear
words that will compliment and affirm them, that will bring out the best in them and that will appreciate their beauty and goodness. A simple “thank you” may express appreciation for one’s efforts. A “You can do it” remark may encourage and motivate someone to pursue his goal. A “very good” comment may challenge someone to give his best. "I love you" may give a sense of security to your loved ones. Don’t be stingy in affirming your friends,relatives and loved ones. Words can make and transform a person. Words can give life and hope. Words can inspire people. So open your lips, tell your spouse, your kids, your friends, your parents, your co-workers and the people around you how special, beautiful and awesome they are and how much you love him/her.
Words fuel, animate and energize a relationship...........................

Verbal communication is essential in strengthening your relationship! Speak your partner’s love language! Affirm and appreciate him/her!

Many of us have experienced problems in your relationship.
Many of us encountered conflicts and misunderstanding in our marriage.
Many of us are about to give up on our partner.
Many of us have been accused of our friend or partner that we don’t love him/her.
Many of us are confused sometimes that no matter what we do to express our love to someone, it’s still not sufficient, not recognized, and not appreciated.
One of the reasons that, there are broken relationships and marriages, is that people have difficulty expressing their love to their partner, and their partner don’t feel, recognize and appreciate their love. Loving someone entails knowing the love language of one’s partner. No matter how one tries his/her best to love another person, this love will not be felt and recognized by the other if it is not expressed in his/her love language. Each person has his/her own love language. And we need to love the other not in the way we want to love him/her, but in the way he/she wants to be loved. This is what love language is all about. It is the form of love that one can easily understand and feel.

There are few love far i can remember right now. A person may have one or more love languages
1. Touch
2. Words
3. Service
4. Gifts
5. Time
If we really love our friend or partner, we will try to know his/her love language, and love him/her in the way he/she wants to be loved. We need to consider their needs, not ours. In this way, no love will go to waste, misunderstandings and conflicts will be resolved, relationship will be deepened and strengthened, and doubts and fears will be lessened. Lets All Speak Our Partner’s Love Language! Moreover, one way to know our own love language is checking how we express our love to others. The way we love others is also the way we want to be loved.

Someone told me yesterday,"As you sow,so shall you reap".So sow the seeds of love today and reap the fruits of your investment in the future. Have a great and love-filled life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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