Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fighting back!

Standing on the mountain, I view the crimson sun.
Thinking of where I have been and how all this begun?
Escaping the world of darkness, longing to be free.
Etched my dreams into my soul for all eternity.
Those who tried to stop me, those who said,"just die",
Dare you now have the courage to look me in the eye?
My heart is on fire now, its free from all remorse,

No matter how much you doubted me, I am a pure unstoppable force.
Nothing hits harder than life and all the trouble that it brings,
Yet it can't keep this raven down with clipped wings.
I refuse to b a rat in life, running circles in a race,
Failure is not an option, just look me in the face.
For what you see is what you get, but you can't keep me down,
Because I will be victorious and will wear my golden crown.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Empty house gone to seed

Empty kitchen with no one to feed

Where once was laughter, spiders spin

Forgotten dreams ... an off key song

No cat in the window... everyone's gone

Where sheets once danced on a line

The tire swing replaced by poison vine

Wildflowers where the roses grew

Where is the family that loved and knew

Where sunlight painted a bright design

Floors once swept now warped with time

The slap of a screen door, the shout of a girl

Little secrets and presents piled

But roses still bloom in spring

Robins, parrots, and bluebirds sing

Do ghosts knit sweaters or answer the phone?

Do ghosts light candles when they are alone?

Abandoned house, forgotten lives

The house sits empty, nobody's home...............

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sitting in the garden where the shadows waver,

I imagine myself a hero,a martyr or a sea-rover.
Out of a world of clocks and works
My office-troubled fancy turns
To the pretty mental photographs, the dull laugh over.

Sitting on a chair I am one of those
Who are not disposed of, but who dispose;
Nothing is here to alter or disturb.
My search for the active or the passive verb,
But in the garden sitting at ease
On the old rugged chair...........
i recall the sweet memories, those that still tranquil.

*Picture drawn by Me

Monday, March 12, 2012

ODE TO LOVE.......................

The road to happiness is laiden with twists and turns, sharp and winding.
The obstacles never ending.
Each day gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow, new beginings.
The promise of things to come.
Our hopes and dreams never fading, nor will we allow it.

When the days are long and it seems I can barely hold on,
I close my eyes and think of you.
And just as the warmth of the sun touches my skin,
I recall how you touch my heart.

I take a deep breathe and sigh.
I picture your smile,
The innocence in your laughter.
I think of how you have brought so much love, faith,
Hope and happiness into my life.
Proving that true love really does exist.
I think of your touch, the warmth in your embrace.
I feel your strength in everything that you do.
And it gives me the strength and courage to push forward.
I've never felt so complete or so alive till I found you.

I open my eyes, smiling.
Knowing nothing can bring me down.
The road to happiness has been long.
Sometimes taking us down a worn and beaten path.
Our faith in love has pulled us through, showing us the way.
And so, we shall walk side by side, eternally, through our loves journey.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sooooooo many Medicines !!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting on the edge of the bed, feet swinging back and forth, I'm able
to kick the medical table.

Back of the door an eye chart, cover one eye as I wait.
Paper gown, hope my back end won't show, remember to sit straight.

I hear him fumbling with my medical chart.
This is my room yet he doesn't knock, in he bounds with a start.

He ambles to his chair, my chart he does prose.
Hand on his chin, deep thought, he strikes his doctor pose.

Condescending, What can I do for you today.
I ramble all that is wrong, much to say.

He doesn't look like a doctor, but like my neighbour's dog.
Must be hearing, I see his ears perk up, as I spout my blog.

Mmhhmm and uh huh, his only dialogue, he writes.
Closed chart, long pause, he considers what is right.

Lay back now, blood pressure, let's check you out.
Ears, nose and throat, cold stethoscope, I almost shout.

What does he expect to hear from my mammary, nowhere near my heart.
It must be whispering something vital, he didn't listen this intently at the start.

Again he is writing, will he ever stop? I must be really sick.
Wads of tiny papers shoved at me, he bounds for the door, this will do the trick.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, which this is for that, no explanations.
anemia, depression, stress relief, infection, B.P adjustment and over the counter suggestions.

He must be a genius MD so quickly diagnosing me.
He knew all my mental illnesses without a psychology degree.

He's gone now, still so many questions now too late.
So I am left there my mouth agape.

The pharmacy, I hand her my wads of slips.
Angry look, all she'll have to count, pierced lips.

Wait, I'm not done. I need some nose spray, eye drops and sedatives.
sedatives. ?, she asks accusingly. I want to say I am suffering from sleeplessness .

So here I am with a plastic pill box, Monday, Tuesday, wednesday....marked on the caps.
Over medicated and they wonder why I take so many naps.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Like a stone at the bottom of a stream,
I lay my thoughts and fears at your feet,
Leaving life to run its course,
I’m letting fate do as it likes with me,

I recreate an earlier pain,
And face into the storm,
I play it out again and again,
Till I find a way to transform.

I know I have walked these paths through many lives,
To finally get to where I can just be,
And now I’m full of colour with you in my life,
Because your love has set me free.

I don’t know what it is you are to me,
But you have opened my soul to the skies,
And when I shed one tear,
You wiped a thousand from my eyes.

When you said let down your guard,
I knew we could break into heaven,
When you said open your heart,
I knew you’d fill it with something to believe in.