Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fighting back!

Standing on the mountain, I view the crimson sun.
Thinking of where I have been and how all this begun?
Escaping the world of darkness, longing to be free.
Etched my dreams into my soul for all eternity.
Those who tried to stop me, those who said,"just die",
Dare you now have the courage to look me in the eye?
My heart is on fire now, its free from all remorse,

No matter how much you doubted me, I am a pure unstoppable force.
Nothing hits harder than life and all the trouble that it brings,
Yet it can't keep this raven down with clipped wings.
I refuse to b a rat in life, running circles in a race,
Failure is not an option, just look me in the face.
For what you see is what you get, but you can't keep me down,
Because I will be victorious and will wear my golden crown.