Sunday, April 24, 2011


Anu, she is known for her nobility and hospitality.She tries to be creative,wants to spend her time in doing something productive. But when she starts writing she becomes an absolute changed person.She feels inferior in front of her own self, when she talks with people !!!! Went to her father with this question,"Baba when i write i become someone else,and after that i start feeling inferior ,coz i cant talk like that ......why so?"

When her father had finished his prayers, Anu asked,

– Why do I feel so inferior? – I have faced death many times, have defended those who are weak.
I felt that my life had absolutely no importance whatsoever.

– Wait. Once i finish my work, I shall answer you.

Anu spent the time sitting on a chair , watching her father doing all his work,giving advises and suggestions those who seek .She saw how her father received them all with the same patience and the same illuminated smile on his face.

When everything had done, she demanded:
– Now can you tell me?

He invited her in and lead her to his room. The sun was shining in the sky, and the atmosphere was one of profound tranquility.

– Do you see the sun , how bright it is? It will cross the entire firmament, and tomorrow the sun will shine once again.
“But moonlight is much soothing, we can't see the details of the landscape around us: trees, mountains, clouds.
But still the moon has its own charm."

“Have you ever heard the moon saying: why do I not shine like the sun? Is it because I am inferior?

– Of course not – answered Anu. – The moon and the sun are different things, each one has its own beauty. You cannot compare the two.

– So you know the answer. We all are two different people,the inner self and the outer self, each fighting in his/her own way for that which he/she believes, and making it possible to make the world a better place; the rest are mere appearances.


Avik Chattopadhyay said...

Very well put Anuradha! We all have different personae encased in one physical form. None is interior to the other. Each is unique, powerful, purposeful. Each persona plays its own key role in creating the whole person.

sunil said...
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sunil said...

When one writes that involves a loop formation ideas generate from mind get scanned and modified through the heart and heart again sends these ideas back to mind and mind sends indication to fingers to write and this written ones again travel to mind and mind proceeds ahead to issue generated and one gets lost in that solely and feels inferior to the usual condition...

Sudipta said...

Kya bat.......We are what we are.If i cannot bat like Sachin, he annot lwrite like u or me.Does Sachin feel envious of us.Then why should we envy him ? Hum kissi se kam nehi should be our attitude and body language.Shakespeare is world famous for his writings.But a humble truck driver is better in his trade.But getting serious while writitng brings out the best.Our sweetest songs are those that tell of the saddest thought.Keep writing, forget everything else. Your best will automatically come out.,ALL THE BEST