Sunday, April 17, 2011

WHY LONELY ?????????????????

Lonely - what is lonely?
It's only - yes, it's only
A selfish, selfish feeling
That happens - yes, it happens
When you're reeling. You're reeling
From a sense of great desertion
When there's no outside coercion
To take a part in Life.
There's no help to bear the burden
Of this world's daily strife.
You sit alone and read alone
Every evening - well, most evenings.
And you wonder - yes you wander
Why you're on the verge of tears
For your mind is full of fears
Of what may come tomorrow
And all you feel is sorrow
For the hopes you had of living
A full and happy life
When next you feel like crying
Let the tears flow - don't be trying
To hold them back inside.
Let them flow - mouth open wide
Have a bawl - ease the pressure
Let Life see you've got it's measure.
You can cope with work and leisure
As it comes along your way
Each and every single day.
Then, when you feel you're in control
Climb back out from you're self-made hole.
Climb back up to that first promise
Of Love and Life and Light.
Be aware of the seen and seeing
Give thanks that you have the might
To cope with all that happens - just by "being"

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