Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sooooooo many Medicines !!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting on the edge of the bed, feet swinging back and forth, I'm able
to kick the medical table.

Back of the door an eye chart, cover one eye as I wait.
Paper gown, hope my back end won't show, remember to sit straight.

I hear him fumbling with my medical chart.
This is my room yet he doesn't knock, in he bounds with a start.

He ambles to his chair, my chart he does prose.
Hand on his chin, deep thought, he strikes his doctor pose.

Condescending, What can I do for you today.
I ramble all that is wrong, much to say.

He doesn't look like a doctor, but like my neighbour's dog.
Must be hearing, I see his ears perk up, as I spout my blog.

Mmhhmm and uh huh, his only dialogue, he writes.
Closed chart, long pause, he considers what is right.

Lay back now, blood pressure, let's check you out.
Ears, nose and throat, cold stethoscope, I almost shout.

What does he expect to hear from my mammary, nowhere near my heart.
It must be whispering something vital, he didn't listen this intently at the start.

Again he is writing, will he ever stop? I must be really sick.
Wads of tiny papers shoved at me, he bounds for the door, this will do the trick.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, which this is for that, no explanations.
anemia, depression, stress relief, infection, B.P adjustment and over the counter suggestions.

He must be a genius MD so quickly diagnosing me.
He knew all my mental illnesses without a psychology degree.

He's gone now, still so many questions now too late.
So I am left there my mouth agape.

The pharmacy, I hand her my wads of slips.
Angry look, all she'll have to count, pierced lips.

Wait, I'm not done. I need some nose spray, eye drops and sedatives.
sedatives. ?, she asks accusingly. I want to say I am suffering from sleeplessness .

So here I am with a plastic pill box, Monday, Tuesday, wednesday....marked on the caps.
Over medicated and they wonder why I take so many naps.

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Boo Boo Corleone said...

We take her in to detox...for drugs...Drugs lace a smile across a face.......withdrawal fuels a newborn thirst....