Sunday, February 6, 2011


It says that a city can be moved but not a well. It’s around the well that lovers find each other, satisfy their thirst, build homes, and raise their children. But if one of them decides to leave, the well cannot go with them. Love remains there, abandoned – even though it is filled with the same pure water as before.

Love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation.

Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the fruit from the branches of the tree of life.
We have to take love where we find it, even if it means hours, days, weeks of disappointments and sadness.

Love doesn’t ask many questions, because if we stop to think we become fearful. It’s an inexplicable fear; it’s difficult even to describe it. Maybe it’s the fear of being scorned, of not being accepted, or of breaking the spell. It’s ridiculous, but that’s the way it is. That’s why we don’t ask.

Wait. This was the first lesson I learned about love. The day drags along, we make thousands of plans, we imagine every possible conversation, we promise to change our behaviour in certain ways – and we feel more and more anxious until our loved one arrives.
But by then, we don’t know what to say. The hours of waiting have been transformed into tension, the tension has become fear, and the fear makes us embrassed about showing affection.

No wrong in accepting love.............


rahul said...

I didn't know that you like writing about Love :-).

anuradha said...

Anu and love something very strange isn't it rahul
as you know me since long so you have found it strange !!!!!!