In my Joker there lies hatred
in my joker lies sadness
my joker screams and shouts
then he makes it go away with madness
you cannot beat or bully him
he has no fear and no feelings
or does he have feelings?
or can you bully and beat him
no you can't
he isn't a freak
he isn't crazy
he is just another human in the world
all humans contain madness in them
my Joker has just brought his out
we follow rules and order
we go with the plan
my joker has no plans
he just does it
he shouts not for pleasure and joy
to show the world that plans can make things bad
who is the joker anyway?
no one knows, but i do
he is just another human in the world
but different from everyone else
my joker has no fear
my joker has no lie
he does what he does
and gets on with life......................