Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'm bored and weary, at times on the brink of insanity
Being this way for the longest time
Feeling desolate, despondent, and lost 
Feeling wretched and damned at a cost

I am locked in this small space
Enough for just me 
Not daring to scream out loud
As I whipped myself scarred

I long to break free from this cycle
This chokehold I'm in
I have only you to depend on
I have to be brave enough for us

I long to feel the sugary sand under my feet
Fill my lungs with clean, fresh air
Sense your warm touch caressing my pale skin
To flourish, to thrive, to feel so alive 

How long I have been frozen, I couldn't tell
I know I should stand on my feet
Take a step, perhaps two
Keep going, even if I stumble and fall

The door is open, inviting and alluring
Can I do it? Can I make it?

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