Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear Sir

No, you do not amaze me…!!! Because I know fasting has always been used as an insidious way by many of your kind. Of course, you have termed it as fighting for the common people, fighting for democracy, bringing in pro-people policies, fighting against corruption etc. Whatever be the reason, you have done it and will continue to do so….!!!

Gandhiji used it as a means of Satyagraha, to have the demands of the Indian met against an oppressive British regime. Fasting has been used a very effective political tool by,The DMK patriarch Mr. Karunanidhi is one of the increasing popular politicians who have always used this tool.Recently, one was K Chandrasekhar Rao, when he took the ‘Fast unto Death’ demanding for Separate Telangana to be cut out from the state Andhra Pradesh.The grand old man of Maharashtra, ex-army man Anna Hazare made the whole of India come out on the streets when he took fast unto death against corruption. Many joined him as well, demanding for the Jan Lokpal Bill. Many social activists, intelligentsia, middle class Indian men and women and even you supported him. But the fate of the Lokpal bill today is akin to a pendulum….!!!

The latest addition and perhaps one of the most hyped ones is yours. you are now spearheading the movement against ‘Black money’ dumped in the Swiss banks. In such situations, the government will have no choice but to give in to your demands and pacify you with high but empty promises. We Indians have always been obsessed with laws and policies. But we fail to realize that the problem arises because of faulty implementation.But, I know you shall achieve your demands like many others have. You will make the Indian government bow before you.

You are the owner of a Scottish island, but claims to represent the poor masses,you run a profitable business selling Ayurvedic medicines, and could have a sales agenda; you enjoy support from communal and corrupt groups, which could quietly hijack your cause for votes; your campaign makes unreasonable demands that cannot be met overnight; and your rabble-rousing could create law and order problems.

Thus, you fail to raise any interest in me and I recommend you stick to ‘fasting’ to achieve as the yogi’s believe- PURIFICATION……………..!!!

Yours Sincerely
A ‘cynical’ Indian

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