Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I pause midway in the in the whirl,
Of deadlines, things undone,
And average the sadness and joys -
There remains only loneliness,
Of which I see no cure,
No bitter palliatives, no anodyne.

I remain in life’s journey,
Like a loner sitting depressed,
On solitary park benches, or,
Standing in balconies, staring,
Loneliness gnawing at my mind,
As hungry ants at a grain of food.
Often in life’s vicious lanes,
In lonesome moments,
It’s my failures I ponder,
Not trasient joys and victories,
I do not remember other's courage,
Only their faults, and habits.

When in each passing lonely moment,
I count the millions of joyous seconds,
I was alive to witness this world, and,
Hurtful mimetic thoughts that passed me by,
My loneliness vanishes, I scream,
“I live; I am alive this lonely moment.”

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