Friday, August 5, 2011

NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE............................

The light of the room is blazing at its best

Yet condensed darkness around

No birds chirping in the woodland

And silence inbound

Yet condensed

The cry of broken dreams

The sounds of the favorite voice

The tune of the ever desired smile

Buzzing like echo coming back time to time.

The stranger white clouds

Playing hide and seek with the moon

Yet the world is filled with melancholy

Raining of tears from the eye

Drops of sadness trickling down through the cheeks

No sniffle only rolling down of silent tears heavy and salty

Someone in the earth is sad and lonely.

The abandoned joy

The discarded commitments

The acute loneliness

Explore the world of melancholy.

The present is miserable

Seems like future doesn't exist

All there reigns is the past

None can edit.

Heart beating as always used to

Lung pumping as ever it do

Blood is red as usual

Only one thing missing

The grief is severe yet overcome,

just there is no feeling.

A sharp knife, a bottle of poison,

A spiral rope hanging from the ceiling,

A gallon of gasoline

There plenty of options out there for choosing.

All thoughts are centered

On composing the moment forthcoming

Now there is a future

There is a dream

The dead one can't come back

But the alive-ones can choose going.

(The poem is ended.

But I really can't conclude it.

My heart is not satisfied so the following verses are added.)

Step by step

Going ahead, the option of gasoline has been chosen

The body is wet, only one step left

Setting the fire on the head

Time seems to be stopped

Silence and darkness

Fire set but no pain

No warmth, no casualty yet.

On my surprise a cold hand in the forehead

Calling me to wake up

It is evening; not an idle time to lie in bed.

I can’t speak

Immediately a drop of tear

Start rolling down the cheek

I embrace you firmly

In the warmth of your bosom

Few words come out of my lip

“Never leave me alone,

I can’t live”.

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thotmail said...

imagery quite grammar be very intense and passionate.overt narcissism observed.but concluded well