Sunday, August 28, 2011

Love Is Missing You Whenever You’re Apart............

"Heading towards the limit of the height
as if I am going to touch the sky
Thrilling journey, risky path
I could feel amazing with blowing mind
and throbbing heart.
Just gone vanished all perplexity and fear
because always you were there..

I always wonder that when I miss you, is it because I love you? I keep on fighting with myself that what’s the reason for missing you?Or, do I want you always with me when I need you to lean on?
Whatever the reason is, it’s very nice feeling to miss you. I keep on thinking about you whole day and night and start imagining you near me.People ask me,why do i miss you? How do i miss you? I feel it’s the sweet pain and I love missing you..........because while missing you I somehow feel warm inside because I feel you close in my heart....and makes me feel complete......
People often hide their feelings in front of the person they are missing. We must keep our ego aside and convey our feelings to that person. Life is too short; if you love or you miss someone do let them know. If that person understands you, it would never ruin your relationship.............

I wish that you were here or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each day I wait with bated breath
For a call or a message from you...
Though my phone rings frequently,
Messages from you are but few.

I know it is asking too much
To be in touch all the time...
But my heart just refuses to listen
And your absence makes me pine.

The few moments we spend together
Seem to get over so very fast...
I wish those times would never end
That they would just last and last.

The times when you are not in touch
Are just so hard for me to bear...
Silent tears stream down my cheeks
For you so much I care.

Each time we have to say bye
Brings my heart so much pain...
I don't know what next time will bring
The mere thought drives me insane.

Those simple messages and calls
I look forward to each and every day...
For it shows that you think of me
Whatever may come your way.

So even if you are really busy
With over a million things to do...
Try and send me a message or a call
Just to say I miss you too.

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