Sunday, August 21, 2011


I flinch when the rain falls on the pavement,
I scowl when things don't go my way,
I cry when people just don't get it,
I lie when I am honestly not okay,

I keep my head up no matter what,
I throw the first punch if needed,
I glare when people are irritating,
I smile at sappy sayings,

I giggle when things are becoming much too serious,
I tremble when I'm afraid,
I cross my eyes and make funny faces to make my sis laugh at me,

I write things down when I feel broken,
I sing when I don't feel loved, even when I do,
I read my diary and stay up late so I can see everything from start to finish,

I would rather be fashionably late than drastically early,
I eat chocolate when I am dumped,
I watch chick flicks when I am angry,
I eat ice cream only when I am alone,

I would give everything to another person if it meant I could save their life,
I try to be rational in traffic, I end up honking my horn,
I am misunderstood, to figure it out reverse psychology works best,
I overreact on so many things being an emotional disaster,

My life is complicated and so am I,
Though sometimes no one seems to care..........

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